Prope’s Real Skijump HD Sells a Million Copies

Prope’s Real Skijump HD Sells a Million Copies

by February 21, 2011

To Celebrate, iOS App Now Free for a Limited Time

It appears Yuji Naka’s semi-independent development studio has its first million seller on Apple’s mobile devices.

A week ago today via his Twitter feed, Mr. Naka announced Real Skijump HD, the virtual ski jumping app for iOS, crossed the million mark in terms of copies sold.  A few of our regular readers questioned the strategy when it was first introduced, but so far it looks to be a small hit for Prope.

To mark the occasion, Prope is offering the app for free, for a limited time and promising improvements to the current version 1.0.1.  Between that and the upcoming Rodea the Sky Soldier, Naka and company will be busy.  But don’t worry–that Sonic spirit hasn’t completely left him.