Richard Kuta Releases Sonic Fan Film Trailer

Richard Kuta Releases Sonic Fan Film Trailer

by February 21, 2011

Kuta “Not ruling out the possibility of something surfacing in the future”

Richard Kuta has followed through on his February timetable to release a short animated trailer from his Sonic fan film project.

As had been stated previously, it will for now be the farthest this project goes.  But in a statement Kuta released to TSSZ News within the past hour, he affords some possibility of it going further–presumably if the community will support it.

That statement, below, is followed by the trailer, which shows off The Advent of Metal scene.

This is an animated sequence directly adapted from a Sonic movie script. It was penned by Digital Production Artist, Richard Kuta back in 2005 and revised in 2010. The animation was helmed by Damian Ciancio and the talented crew at Linterna Magica; a studio in Argentina responsible for “Los Pintin: Al Rescate” and various small projects contracted by Disney, Filmax, and Patagonik. The scene was digitally hand drawn on a tablet and produced through After Effects. Music Score and Sound Effects was composed by Andrew Keene; an aspiring young musician that showcased a professional demeanor and devotion towards the Sonic franchise. The piece heard in this scene, is compromised of a more ominous take on Final Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) that transitions into Metallic Madness (Sonic CD US ver). Character Voices volunteered by the humble cast of The Voice Actors Alliance. Sound Mixing, Editing and Visual Effects provided by Richard Kuta.

Due to funding issues, there are no plans to continue the project, but we’re not ruling out the possibility of something surfacing in the future. Overall, the concept for an official Sonic movie has always existed, and if one was ever produced, it should deliver an endearing experience for all fans to enjoy. To put a capstone on this six year endeavor, we want to extend our appreciation everyone’s assistance that brought this fun little project to life and the passion they conveyed for the speedy blue hedgehog that has sped across a platform of media for twenty years.