No Announcements Coming out of Sega NYC Press Shindig, Says Rep

No Announcements Coming out of Sega NYC Press Shindig, Says Rep

by February 23, 2011

Waiting for New Sonic Info?  Wait a Little Longer

Many of you may remember a couple weeks ago when word leaked about a coming “press event” Sega was holding.  The list of expected games in attendance was numerous, but Sonic was mysteriously absent–an oddity considering his 20th anniversary.  It let many to wonder if there would be a Sonic surprise at this event, even though we had no idea when or where it would be.

We now know the when and where: Today, in New York City, Sega, with community team in tow set up shop in cooperation with a third party PR firm.  We also now know not to expect any blockbuster announcements out of it.

“it’s not a press conference, and we aren’t announcing anything.” said Sega community manager Kellie Parker on Facebook in response to heightened anticipation of the event.  “It’s an open house style event for press to come check out our upcoming games.”

Most bets are that something Sonic related will be one of those upcoming games, but barring a surprise, in light of this, we may not get anything playable around the time of the actual 20th anniversary in June.  Sega may again be waiting to show its hand for the latter half of the year, toward the Holidays.