RUMOR: Sega Announcing Mobile Racer Next Week?

RUMOR: Sega Announcing Mobile Racer Next Week?

by February 24, 2011

Rumblings a GDC Timed Announcement May be Afoot

Next week is the Game Developers Conference, and while Sega is not officially on the exhibitor list, one website believes they may have something up their sleeve just in time for the first major exposition of the year.

The UK based Pocket Gamer says as much.  In their Rumour Mine article written two weeks ago is a claim Sega is readying something for next week, around the time of the conference.  If it happens, there are no indications as to which Sega franchise it would favor.  Given the recent re-release to Arcades, some version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing should not be discounted.  But the likely candidate could be Sega Rally Online Arcade, which was announced for XBLA and PSN last month.  Combine that with news of Sonic 4’s re-release to Windows Phone 7 made public today, and if nothing else, it seems Sega is serious about getting its IP to mobile markets.  Especially in the racing genre, the company has no shortage of material to draw upon.

There is, however, the matter previously noted: though Yu Suzuki will be in attendance, Sega is not listed as an official exhibitor at this year’s GDC, and that makes the above information difficult to swallow.  That doesn’t mean Sega won’t say something independent of the show.  So it’s labeled rumor, with large grains of salt provided for your consideration.  We’ll know one way or the other for sure next week.