Stealth’s SonED2 Receives “Major Update”

Stealth’s SonED2 Receives “Major Update”

by February 24, 2011

Also Introduces “ROMulan”

Sonic modders and level editors should take note of this: Today on his website Organized Chaos, SonED creator Stealth announced the first significant update to the editing engine SonED2 since its inception in 2004.

Among the notable additions, the editor now supports more 2D Sonic titles like Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic CD, among many others.  Edits and custom levels can now be used in Sonic 2’s competition stages.  This is a more specialized study of Stealth’s new ROM utility dubbed ROMulan, explained below:

ROMulan is a tool designed to provide a simple way to extract data from program files for manipulation by an external program, and to then re-integrate the data regardless of its new size. Its primary use is to allow for the editing of video game data outside of the program that uses it. After editing, the data can be re-inserted into the original program even if it has grown larger than the area it used to occupy, as long as it does not increase the size of the original file beyond the specified maximum file size.

You can learn more about ROMulan here, and get more information on SonED2, as well as a download, at this link.