Howard Drossin Destroy All Slackers Interview Goes Live

Howard Drossin Destroy All Slackers Interview Goes Live

by March 1, 2011

Telling Tales of His One Man Band at Sega

The glory days of Sega for Howard Drossin consisted of sometimes seven day work weeks, devoid of a support staff, and “anything but a party atmosphere,” with little residuals received today, according to remarks he made on Monday’s release of the latest Destroy All Slackers podcast.

This is the podcast many fans were anticipating on account of a slip up Drossin allegedly made during the interview, which was edited, according to podcast co-host Kristen Kail.  Veteran fans won’t be disappointed, as Drossin goes in depth on his time at what was then Sega Technical Institute, acting as a one man recording studio for several of Sega’s games.  Among other things, Drossin talks about the quick change necessary to the Sonic Spinball theme, discovered only after a Sega party.  He also talks about the late Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3 (or, he believes, a lack thereof), his work on Sonic & Knuckles, and some incorrect credits he says he received on those games, perhaps in part due to Jackson’s secret involvement.

Drossin recalled he was to work with Jackson, but it never happened, and the collaboration was canceled after the first allegations of sexual abuse surfaced.  He opened the door to the possibility of the King of Pop’s involvement beforehand, but Drossin feels he doesn’t know enough about Sonic 3 to say for sure.

“It’s possible but…I don’t think they could do that without getting sued unless they have some kind of deal with him to do that,” Drossin said.  “As far as I know, all of the stuff was just axed. [….] It’s possible that they just axed his name and kept some aspect of the tracks [….] But I don’t know.  I really don’t know.”

Drossin also warmed up to the idea of releasing a compilation unreleased tracks if fan interest was high enough.

There much more from Drossin in the podcast, and it’s of interest to any Sega fan.  We’ll link you to this blog page, and from there you can find the audio track.  Be wary, though–there are elements of the page and the podcast itself with adult content.