New Details, Video for ASR Mobile

New Details, Video for ASR Mobile

by March 1, 2011

Only Half the Characters will Make the Cut

From a preview performed by the website Touch Arcade, we’ve learned the upcoming mobile port of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for iOS will contain 10 of the console counterpart’s 20+ characters, and they will race on 12 tracks in-game.

So far, it appears most of the roster’s been revealed through screenshots and other media, and it appears all of it will be seen in the video below.  That piece also showcases another stage for the mobile port, Shibuya Downdown.  Here is, in part, what Touch Arcade had to say about the early build they played:

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing played very well despite still being in an early state. The tilting to turn was very responsive and fun to use, and I usually dislike tilt-to-steer options in racing games. There are plenty of boosts and weapon pickups scattered throughout each track, so there’s always some sort of carnage going down. One nice aspect to the game is how you earn points with each race which will go to unlocking each of the characters and tracks in the game, lending a nice goal-oriented progression to playing. The game is also quite colorful, and although it isn’t heavily detailed the game moves so fast that it’s hard to notice.

Watch the video below, and comment on it after in the discussion section.