“Sega will Let me Make” Shenmue 3, Says Suzuki

“Sega will Let me Make” Shenmue 3, Says Suzuki

by March 2, 2011

But There’s One Nagging Obstacle in the Way

It begins.

The website Gamasutra caught up with Sega’s Yu Suzuki, who’s in attendance at the Game Developer’s Conference this week in San Francisco.  At the expo, Suzuki took audience questions, among them the prospect of that much desired Shenmue 3.  His response?  It’s still possible.

“Well, I want to make it. About 200 people will buy it I think. But funding is an issue,” Suzuki quipped.  He’s referring to the then blockbuster budget the original Shenmue had from Sega; once thought to be close to $70 million.  Suzuki in the Q&A pegged it closer to “only $47 million,” though no one’s sure if that, too, was a joke.

What he reaffirmed after that, however, wasn’t.  In Suzuki’s eyes, if the money’s there, the project remains alive:

Probably Sega will let me make it. I think. It’s simply a problem of budget.

So the more cash Sega and perhaps Sega Sammy has on hand, the more likely a continuation of the franchise is in the cards.  That’s what makes items like Sega Sammy’s multi-year high yesterday so important.  By the way, the stock is down more than 2 and a half percent today, as of this article’s publication.