Takashi Iizuka Stops by Sega’s US Offices

Takashi Iizuka Stops by Sega’s US Offices

by March 9, 2011

And We’re Pretty Sure it Wasn’t Just for Sightseeing

The photo you see above was posted on Sega’s Twitter and Yfrog feeds within the past hour.  Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka stopped by Sega’s American offices today.  The full size photo gives you a full view of his background scenery, the much loved Green Hill cutout cubicle, a part of the San Francisco office landscape for some time now.

But if you think that’s the news, you’re missing the point.  There’s little reason for Iizuka to hop a plane to the U.S., other than to check up with the domestic PR teams, or start making press rounds outright for that and the next wave of Sonic titles.  As innocent as the photo appears, this may signal something significant is finally on the way.

We will continue to watch and wait; it shouldn’t be long now before 2011’s Sonic roster is finally revealed.