“Dr. Robotnik” Calls into Opie and Anthony Radio Show

“Dr. Robotnik” Calls into Opie and Anthony Radio Show

by March 10, 2011

Whip ‘Em Out…the Laugh Tracks, That Is

It’s Thursday evening, so it might as well be Friday.  And when possible around Friday, we try to bring you the lighter side of everything blue, and we have a doozy this week.

This come to us courtesy of the Destroy All Slackers podcast, who had one of its principals Kristen Kail call into satellite radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony this morning as Dr. Robotnik.  It sounds a bit surreal out of context, but the faux Eggman wanted the services of a previous caller discussing a nuclear fission device.  Why would the mad doctor want such a thing?  To build Egg Robos and find that pesky hedgehog, of course.

The audio is below.  Join us next time as Howard Stern talks Sally Acorn into a three-way with Charlie Sheen’s goddesses.