SonicGDK Preview Release 4 drops

SonicGDK Preview Release 4 drops

by March 11, 2011

Bringing us ever closer to an open source release

A few days ago we brought you a video tour of SonicGDK Preview Release 4, and now those of you curious enough to get your hands on the release and play around with it for yourselves can do just that.

Preview Release 4 boasts tighter controls, better physics, and a host of other new features detailed in the game’s change log:

What’s new:
* Sonic’s most special moves.
* Smashing system.
* Pushing system.
* Reverse world gravity.
* Damage system.
* Spikes.
* Bumpers.
* Drowning system.
* Giant air bubbles.
* Dropped & magnetic rings.
* Shields with moves.
* Better Sonic physics and 2.5D.
* Many code improvements and minor changes.

Xaklse also stresses that he is looking for help further developing some of SonicGDK’s features:

HELP is needed:
– Full static 3D model of a classic star post, correctly UV mapped and with its textures. Done with any program as long as it can be exported to 3dsmax. Credits will be given, of course.
– Feedback from all of you about gamepad handling; the code is still evolving and without your opinions I can’t make it better.

If you think you can help out, stop by either the Sonic Retro forum thread or the SFGHQ forum thread and lend a hand.