Japan Disaster Update for Monday Evening

Japan Disaster Update for Monday Evening

by March 14, 2011

Sega Sammy to Donate $2M+; Webber, Sonic 4 Winners Return Home; iOS Titles Discounted; More

There is more new, relevant community information related to the Japan disaster this evening.  First, the parent company of Sega, Sega Sammy Holdings, has pledged ¥200 million to relief efforts; this according to Andriasang.  That is the equivalent of more than $2.4 million in US dollars.  As reported earlier, operations at the mothership have been temporarily suspended, while Sega’s big title for the week, Yakuza of the End, has seen its release indefinitely postponed.  Sega Sammy stock closed down more than 12 percent domestically on the pink sheets today to $4.61 a share.

Second, Kevin Eva and Sonic Wrecks have confirmed that Sega of America community manager Aaron Webber is back in the United States from Japan.  That presumably means the Sonic 4 contest winners are in tow with him, so it’s believed all are safe.  Webber and company were stranded for a couple extra days from the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Third, a report on Sonic Stadium indicates Sega has cut the prices on its Sonic mobile offerings within the iOS line of Apple Devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  The proceeds from all sales of those titles through the end of the week will be donated to Red Cross disaster relief.  As of this article’s publication, Sonic 1 mobile stands at $1.99, Sonic 2 is retailing for $2.99, and Sonic 4: Episode I is retailing for $3.99.

The fourth item is not so good news.  On Saturday, we confirmed Yu Suzuki was safe in the aftermath of the Japan disaster, but we had trouble determining whether he was displaced or not.  An article on SegaBits.com affords a better translation: According to the website, Mr. Suzuki lost touch with his mother, a native of the badly damaged Iwate prefecture.  Interestingly enough, Mr. Suzuki erased the Tweets cited from the weekend, so we’re not sure what exactly is going on, and we don’t want to speculate one way or the other given the magnitude of the situation.

All eyes remain on those distressed reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plants.  Another hydrogen explosion occurred there Monday at reactor #3.  Efforts continue to cool those reactors with seawater, but multiple reports indicate at least a partial meltdown may have occurred at the plant.  Low levels of radiation have been detected as far away as 100 miles offshore.

Finally, we direct your attention to the deviantART page of Sonic scener SEGAMew, who drew the artwork you see in our graphic above.  Titled HOPE, it was created to mark the outpouring of support in the wake of such tragedy.  We could not fit the entire work within our space dimensions, but on the website you can download a wallpaper sized copy of it.