Sega Temporarily Suspends Japan Based Operations Due to Disaster

Sega Temporarily Suspends Japan Based Operations Due to Disaster

by March 14, 2011

Yakuza of the End Delayed, Stock Trading Down 10 Percent

If you were hoping to get those two to three Sonic announcements anytime soon, don’t hold your breath.  Kotaku reports that Sega, and presumably its parent, Sega Sammy Holdings, have shut down all operations in Japan until further notice due to the still unfolding disaster there.  We want to be clear this only impacts the mothership, and the domestic divisions should not be directly impacted.  That said, without that critical chain of communication, that level of an indirect impact should be expected.

To be sure, Andriasang confirms Yakuza of the End, originally slated for release on Thursday, has been delayed indefinitely.

The company joins Square Enix, which has also suspended operations.  Capcom has also closed ten of its arcades in areas where Friday’s tsunami caused flooding damage.

Should this continue for an extended period, there is a possibility anything and everything Sega has in the pipeline for future releases could see delay.  That includes anything related to Sonic’s 20th anniversary.  Most immediately of concern, depending on how the matter evolves, is the Crush 40 Live in Tokyo concert slated for April 2nd and 3rd.

Meanwhile, as of this article’s publication, Sega Sammy stock on the pink sheets is trading sharply lower, down more than 10 percent and well under the $5 a share benchmark, erasing all gains made in the past two months.  Over in Japan, where Sega Sammy also trades, company stock there also took a nosedive.

With this news, it is now clear a normal news cycle won’t be possible for a little while.  TSSZ has more related developments and we will bring you those this evening.  We are also affording relevant updates on the disaster itself, and in particular the situation at Japan’s compromised nuclear plants, on our Twitter feed.