Sonic Freerunner Pre-Alpha Released

Sonic Freerunner Pre-Alpha Released

by March 21, 2011

Play the next evolution of “BlitzSonic”

Creating a 3D fangame is not an easy task, especially a Sonic fangame. If making a game in 2D proves to be difficult, those issues are only compounded by the nature of 3D, the end result being that the only 3D Sonic fangame to ever actually come close to being finished has been Sonic Robo-Blast 2, and that has spent 11+ years in development. Over the weekend, Sonic Freerunner saw a Pre-Alpha release, joining the ranks of promising 3D fangames like SonicGDK/Ashura: Dark Reign.

Built on top of Mark the Echidna and Damizean’s BlitzSonic codebase, the Sonic Freerunner Pre-Alpha comes packaged with two test levels (large and small variations on Green Hill Zone) and a fully animated Sonic character model, based on Sonic Colors. Freerunner also boasts improved controls and physics, with proper gamepad support, appropriate changes to Sonic’s weight and speed when he’s underwater, and more. With a little elbow grease, other levels created for BlitzSonic can be loaded in Freerunner, allowing the community of BlitzSonic fans to try out their creations in the improved version of the engine.

As is always the case with releases like these, Azukara is seeking all the feedback he can get regarding the feel of the game at this early stage, so make sure you drop by the Sonic Retro forum thread, or failing that, dropping him a PM on something like Youtube is probably also acceptable. It’s also worth mentioning that they are looking for programmers and modelers – so if you’re familiar with Blitz3D, do not hesitate to drop them a line.