Theoretical Headcount Sought for Summer of Sonic 2011

Theoretical Headcount Sought for Summer of Sonic 2011

by March 21, 2011

Facebook Event Will Aid in Further Preparations

To this point, aside from a couple vague hints, it’s been all quiet on the Summer of Sonic front so far this year.  But with the event now a hair over three months away and little known, preparations are in full swing.

To aid in those preparations, Summer of Sonic co-organizer Svend Joscelyne has established a Facebook event for the 2011 SOS in the hopes it will help determine total attendance.  If you seriously plan to attend, you’re asked to make that known through this interface.

Among other things, a good idea of attendance will help organizers determine a venue.  Last year, it was proposed the 2010 location, The Pavilion in Shepherd’s Bush, could be a recurring venue for the Sonic fan convention.  That was before some complained after the convention of discomfort and lack of air conditioning.  It appears the locale this year will be a toss-up.  Announcements like that should be rolling in soon, and we’ll relay what’s important here.