Sega Holding Ebay Auctions for Japan Disaster Relief

Sega Holding Ebay Auctions for Japan Disaster Relief

by March 22, 2011

First on the Auction Block: A Yakuza 4 Model Car

Sega has started a slow stream of Ebay auctions of some rare company merchandise, all the profits of which are going to the American Red Cross to benefit relief in ravaged Japan.

The first such auction will end early next week.  Those interested can bid on a Yakuza 4 Official Imported Model Car Kit.  The kit is brand new, unopened, and comes with Yakuza branded stickers that can double as vehicle decals.  As of this article’s publication, the opening bid of 99 cents remains unchallenged.

With attention shifted to war torn Libya in recent days, it is easy to forget the environment in Japan remains filled with sorrow and tension.  Many thousands are confirmed dead, and many thousands more remain missing, with hundreds of thousands now living in shelters.  The situation at the damaged Fukushima-Daiichi plant remains fluid, and as of this article’s publication, there is again steam rising from one of the reactors.  All the meanwhile, aftershocks continue to impact the country, and elevated but not totally unhealthy amounts of radiation have been found in crops throughout the evacuation zone.  Our Twitter feed remains a source for those interested in keeping up with developments in Japan casually.