Sonic Relief 2011 Achieves £1000 Goal

Sonic Relief 2011 Achieves £1000 Goal

by March 23, 2011

And There’s Still Time to Donate

The 2011 Sonic Relief campaign hit a major milestone this morning with a sliver over £1000 raised, meeting its goal for the drive.  In perspective, that is over $1,624 in US dollars, and that makes it the second more successful community drive, behind the Sonic Marathon over the Holidays, which raised over $2,500.

The total was boosted, in part, from a £250 donation stemming from the sales of fan album Songs for Sonic 2, plus a hefty amount of Gift Aid on top of that.

If you haven’t donated to the cause, you still can.  Red Nose Day has come and gone in the UK, but proceeds will still benefit Comic Relief, which in turn benefits several charitable causes around the world.  The drive will end Sunday, March 27th.