Balough on Sonic 4 PC Port: “We’d Have to Investigate”

Balough on Sonic 4 PC Port: “We’d Have to Investigate”

by March 24, 2011

Amid Possible Consideration, Piracy a Lingering Concern

For those longing for a PC edition of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I since its release last fall, the issue may not be dead.  Your cries, at the very least, have been considered, with a door for release perhaps creaked open ever so slightly.

That conclusion depends on how deep you read into a short statement made by Sonic 4 Brand Manager Ken Balough on the Sega forums last Friday.  Balough hinted he would look into it in a topic dedicated to discussion of a PC release.

“Umm honestly can’t say about a PC SKU,” Balough said.  “We’d have to investigate that option.”

For those who read SKU and immediately think of a physical release, that isn’t always the case when it comes to units; they are used more for tracking that anything else.  That affords an either/or possibility–either a physical release, or release to a download platform like Steam.  But both Balough and fans share concerns over piracy, heavily present in the PC world and perhaps the reason Sega has held off on both options.

Despite the talk, for now the chances of any Sonic 4 PC release look slim.  Still, it may be time for those petitioners to make their voices heard again.