On Ebay, An Autographed Dreamcast for Japan Relief

On Ebay, An Autographed Dreamcast for Japan Relief

by March 28, 2011

Who Signed It?  Speak of the Devil, It’s…

If a mere Dreamcast hoodie can be viable on EBay with a top bid of $360, surely the console itself, going toward the same cause and autographed by a celebrity, no less, can command a much higher rate…right?

We’ll likely find out before the end of the day; that’s when this auction, unrelated to Sega’s efforts, ends. It is for a Dreamcast console in “pristine condition,” says the California based seller, and it’s boldly autographed by none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

On first glance, both Sega and Ozzy seem like strange bedfellows.  But a 2000 GamePro article indicates that’s not the case; Sega in fact sponsored Ozzfest 2000 domestically and featured several DC titles at the show.  Included in the sponsorship was an Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament in which all participants received an autographed console.  The auction is for one such console, though the seller says he won it in an online contest tied in similarly, and to his knowledge, only one other such system may be in existence.

Even though it is technically on the block for Japan disaster relief, when you see the $15,000 asking price–with only 35% of that going to the Red Cross–you too may want to rip the head off a bat.  Not even a recently won Super Mario Kart SNES cartridge signed by Shigeru Miyamoto came close to that, only going for a touch above $5,000, with all of that going toward Japan relief.  This independent auction ends later today; we’ll see if anyone bites.