Sega Sammy Details Full Scope of Japan Disaster Relief Effort

Sega Sammy Details Full Scope of Japan Disaster Relief Effort

by March 30, 2011

Exclusive Benefit Items Planned for some Online Games

Sega’s parent company, Sega Sammy Holdings, is going well above and beyond the ¥200 million it promised to put toward benefiting the Japan Disaster earlier this month.

By now, you know about the iOS sale, and the numerous items for auction.  Today, the mothership issued a statement detailing exactly what each subsidiary will contribute.  Sega continues to afford plenty of support; in addition to the aforementioned, Sega owned amusement facilities and theme parks will donate a portion of profits to the relief.  Partial proceeds from four of Sega’s arcade games will also be donated, which is possible through the company’s revenue sharing model.  But this may be the most intriguing part of the deal:

Implement fundraising through sales of exclusive items, etc. for 10 titles subject to various online title services

As far as we’re aware, Sega hasn’t announced which titles would fall under this, or whether it would be Japan only or worldwide.  It is also possible these could be special items for XBOX Live or the Playstation Network.  We’ll pass along anything more on this, but for now, Sega, its sister companies, and its parent companies stand to give much more than what has already been donated.