Another Sonic Nebulous 2 Progress Report

Another Sonic Nebulous 2 Progress Report

by March 31, 2011

Another New Video, and New Remarks from its Creator

This week, Ironrind released another update to the ongoing fan game project Sonic Nebulous 2 to Sonic Fan Games HQ.

In the update, he claims the core game engine is almost complete, and once set, attention can then be given to items like stage development, character animation, and the game’s 24 minute day cycle:

I’ve finished the majority of the engine for Sonic Nebulous 2. The characters are mostly broken up into parts and then are rigged together. Cream is the furthest in development and animation. Her head, arm, and torso animate separately for a more fluid look than the others. I’ll be doing the same for all of the other characters. It only took 12-16 sprites or so for her character so this won’t be difficult.

The stages are connected and will be seamless once the tiles are complete(shown in other vids). The time, rings, speed, camera pan and angle, ect are not effected by the change. There is a multiple layer system which I may use very little. It is mostly for look, but it allows for the player and enemy objects to interact between them. I’ll use this mostly for boss battles.

The 24-minute day cycle will effect events in this game such as NPC location and weather events. NPC’s can be other players that offer to join the player’s party(up to three). They’ll help with quest as the player searches for items, rescues NPCs, destroys bosses, repairs sites, and delivers items to other NPCs. Most are optional.

The player’s will be able to find different suits with some that include weapons. For example, Honey has same suit from SN1, but can also find her ‘Angel’ suit. I noticed while testing Amy’s hammer that Cream worked well with it too. So as another example of a quest, Cream will have to locate Amy’s lost hammer before Amy can join her party. While bringing the hammer to Amy, Cream will be able to use it. This is how the weapons will work. Some of the suits will be switched out just for fun later in the game.

The game’s progressing along pretty good at 57% so I’m not far from a first build. Now I should be able to start completing the stages and tiles which I can post soon. Still no ‘developed’ stages, gimmicks, or tiles but any thoughts would be appreciated =)

The new video released can be watched below.