Multiversal Exclusive: Sonic SatAM Cartoon Revived for Cable

Multiversal Exclusive: Sonic SatAM Cartoon Revived for Cable

by April 1, 2011

Is This The First Step to an Anniversary Celebration?

In a world–no, universal–no, multiversal exclusive, TSSZ has obtained the first pictures from an apparent quiet, soft relaunch of the 1993 Saturday Morning Sonic television series, commonly known as SatAM and commonly a fan favorite.

The pictures, in the gallery below, were taken by TSSZ reader EspioGirl, an avid SatAM follower who casually stumbled upon kids’ cable channel The Hub Wednesday when an episode never before seen graced the screen.

“I was in a bit of shock when it came on,” EspioGirl told us in her news tip.  “I can’t believe this wasn’t promoted anywhere.  After all these years, Sega’s finally kept a secret.  I just hope there’s more to come.”

The end of the program merely teased the series’ airing every Wednesday at 2PM eastern time.  But TSSZ has learned through sources Sega has quietly given the green light to a proper third season.  The season will fully realize the late Ben Hurst’s vision, including the introduction of Ixis Naugus, Snively defecting to the Freedom Fighters, and a rival character vying for Sally’s affection.

But if the shots below are any indication, the romance between Sonic and Sally is stronger than ever.  Also seen in the shots is a confirmed return appearance from Uncle Chuck, and confirmation Geoffrey St. John crosses over from the comics to television.

EspioGirl also tells TSSZ the voice of Sonic in-show is strikingly similar to Jaleel White, though a truncated credits sequence didn’t allow for proper confirmation.

Neither Cookie Jar, formerly DiC, nor Sega would return our request for comment on the discovery.  Hasbro, which owns a 50% stake in The Hub, also did not return our request for comment.  But Discovery Communications, which owns the other half of the cable channel, afforded us a one sentence statement accompanied by an eerie sketch of a grinning face: “U MAD SONAMY BROS?”

Again, nothing official has been announced–and for all we know, this could have been a scheduling fluke, accidental or otherwise–but reviving a well loved series may be the way to bring veteran fans back on board for Sonic’s 20th anniversary, in the absence of a current game announcement.  Stay with TSSZ as we bring you more on this developing story.  We thank EspioGirl for sending this tip to us.  If you have news to share…put it on a message board or something.  Then we’ll use it, refuse to give you credit, and plaster FIRST @ TSSZ all over it.