Report: “Sonic Generations” Domain Names Registered to Sega

Report: “Sonic Generations” Domain Names Registered to Sega

by April 4, 2011

EuroDNS S.A. Behind Sonic Free Riders, Sonic 4 Dot-Coms

It begins.

Two Spanish websites, and then Sonic focused Sonic Paradise, report EuroDNS, S.A. have registered  An alternate domain,, has also been registered through the agency.

Why is this important?  EuroDNS in the past have registered for Sega the Sonic Free Riders domain, and the Sonic 4 domain,, was transferred over to the company shortly after we uncovered its registration in January 2010.  From there, it is easy to deduce EuroDNS is similarly handling such housekeeping for the next Sonic title.

ZonaRed is all but confirming this to be for the game that we have known to this point to be Sonic Anniversary, the much talked about 20th anniversary title.  Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but in light of this development, the Sonic Generations name is a very likely candidate for the anniversary title.  For the moment, entering both domain names in a web browser yields a blank page, so hold your horses, data miners.  We will of course bring you more as it becomes available.