“Sonic Generations” Mentioned in Spanish Magazine

“Sonic Generations” Mentioned in Spanish Magazine

by April 4, 2011

Hobby Consolas Namedrops Next Sonic for 360 Release, at Least

The first specific mention of Sonic Generations may not have necessarily happened this afternoon when domain names were found.  It may have occurred in a place few would expect.

Spanish website Sonic Paradise learned today the latest edition of Spain based Hobby Consolas magazine made the first mention in its Q&A section in its latest issue, and the website has a scan for your review.  A reader asked about any future Sonic, Panzer Dragoon, and Clockwork Knight titles in the pipeline.  Only Sonic was singled out, and that’s where Sonic Generations was first namedropped.

The magazine evidently singled out the XBOX 360 as a confirmed console, but to be clear, that does not mean this will be exclusive to the system as far as we’re aware.

Sega has remained silent on the matter.  We will bring you more as it becomes available.  If you know something regarding Sonic Generations and can prove it, we urge you to contact us via our News Tips system.