Next Sonic Trailer Released, Shows CGI Classic Sonic

Next Sonic Trailer Released, Shows CGI Classic Sonic

by April 7, 2011

Reports of Bottleneck on Facebook, Watch it Inside

Sega made good on its promise of a Sonic trailer minutes ago on Facebook in a big way.  The company had been teasing as much on its Twitter account since Tuesday.

Admittedly, due to the vagueness, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the 50 second trailer, CGI in nature and not showing any gameplay or a name, does show off a CGI Green Hill Zone under construction of sorts, along with a classic Sonic model, without green eyes.  Despite not revealing a name, all indications are this is, at the very least, Sonic Generations as described in October.  The trailer also notes it will be for XBOX 360 and PS3 at least, and online enabled for both consoles.

Already the trailer has made it to Youtube, so if you’re having trouble watching it on Facebook, you can watch it below.  TSSZ will bring you community reaction and other angles to the story throughout the day.  Stay with us for complete coverage of this first major step in Sonic’s 20th anniversary.  We are also blowing out our @Issue poll early, so you can give your assessment on the trailer.