Fan Reaction: Sonic 2011 Teaser

Fan Reaction: Sonic 2011 Teaser

by April 9, 2011

What’s the word on the street for Sega’s striking new trailer?

You’d think I’d know better by now. Even for some of the worst Sonic games, Sega has displayed a mastery in the art of creating exciting teaser trailers. “Project Needlemouse” is pretty much all I have to say in that regard. Even though I was expecting it, when classic Sonic came on screen, I’m not afraid to admit that I got the chills.

As always, the announcement of a new Sonic game seems to generate a lot of discussion. In the past 36 hours, NeoGAF, Sonic Retro, and Sonic Stadium have accumulated a combined 2000 posts over these 50 seconds of video.

Kicking us off is “Foxtastical” over at GAF, with a spoonful of cynicism, most likely referring to the mixed reaction garnered from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1:

Posted by Foxtastical
Not falling for this yet. I still have a sour taste in my mouth from the last time we were supposed to get “classic” Sonic.

The majority of GAF’s thread on the game frequently swings back and forth, with the more cynical-minded teasing Sonic’s failures…

Posted by Kusagari
Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic the game! Which hedgehog will fall to their death more as they struggle with crappy controls and horrible physics?!

…while the more forgiving posters remind everyone else about recent successes like Sonic Colors:

Posted by Marrshu
Colors was still some of the best fun I’ve had this generation. It wasn’t quite classic Sonic, but I didn’t give a shit. It was extremely fun the entire way through. If it wasn’t so short, I’d rank it among my top favorite games. I’d rather see Sega try to emulate that successful formula then dick around with something different in the attempt at pleasing a fanbase that will never be pleased.

Other, more Sonic-friendly corners of the internet are hypothesizing the meaning of the black and white world we see in the teaser, like Extryn at Sonic Stadium:

Posted by Extryn
I’m incredibly curious about the story…is the trailer purely allegorical or are we actually going to see Sonic meets Sonic? The greyscale landscape is surely a plot point, does Sonic go back in time to save the world perhaps?

Or will this be an origins story? I for one personally prefer it when Sonic’s past remains an utter mystery, I’d be pretty disappointed if that was the case. Going back in time to meet his past self I could cope with though 😉

Guess this answers one question; modern SA1 design wasn’t a retcon.

Swiss is already contemplating game mechanics:

Posted by Swiss
I’m so calling Sonic CD-esque time travel, running past a post and changing from Classic to Modern.


But Inferno has his own ideas:

Posted by Inferno
Modern Sonic for speed oriented levels, Classic Sonic for the more platforming-heavy ones, callin’ it now.

And ArchAngelUK points out something more and more are beginning to notice:

Posted by ArchAngelUK
So anyone else besides us in the Wrecks crew noticed the word KINECT in the legal line?

And that’s not all:

Posted by Torcano
Huh that’s odd, where be the Sonic Team logo?

Over at Sonic Retro, they’re theorizing about potential unlockable “costumes” for Sonic after a user known as Trunks brought up their possibility:

Posted by SOTI
They’ve done a good job on the model, keeping details faithful to the original design. If Trunks is mentioning more “models”, I’d assume they would simply be a recreation of the respective game, such as Soap Shoes Sonic for Adventure 2 levels, etc.

Posted by Herm the Germ
You can pretty much forget about the Soap-Shoes unless SEGA actually can be bothered completely renewing that advertising deal with Soap themselves.

And, given Sonic’s brief legacy on the PC, that is also brought up for discussion:

Posted by DustArma
I’m sad that there’s no mention of a PC version, though that’s already expected from SEGA, their last main Sonic port was Heroes, and that one had a complete lack of widescreen support + a tendency to slow down (as in, actually slower) when there was a framerate drop.

Then there was ASR, that completely lacked online multiplayer.


My point is, SEGA’s not really trying to get a decent grip on the PC market, the most they’ve done so far is rerelease Genesis games in the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics. In which they just take the roms, package them into an emulator and ship them via Steam.

I really don’t care much that SEGA releases bad ports, I just want them to at least port the Sonic games, I still managed to enjoy through SADX and Heroes’ porting.

And Mykonos seems to believe that the appearance of Classic Sonic in this trailer may be a response to the community’s request for Classic Sonic in Sonic 4:

Posted by Mykonos
Anyone else thinking about sending some thanks to Ruby and the gang? This could very well have been a “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if” idea on Sonic Team’s part, but I kind of feel like if love for the old design hadn’t been passed on by SOA/SOE that we might not have Classic Sonic running around in this trailer.

Either way I’m going to, couldn’t hurt.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be a discussion about Sonic these days unless…

Posted by Megane
I don’t just want classic physics, I NEED them.

Nevermind discussion in the way Sonic himself looks, complete with images that have been touched up in image editors.

Posted by SonicWarriorTJ

I don’t particularly have a problem with the model. I think I was just bored and that was the one thing about it I deemed even slightly questionable. That and I missed out on the Photoshoppage last year.

Unfortunately, it would seem that this article is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I’m going to call that a wrap. In general, outside of those who either haven’t touched a Sonic game or are too jaded to be convinced otherwise, general reaction towards this direction seems to be fairly positive and surprisingly free of the sort of drama that eventually started to drag Sonic the Hedgehog 4 down. Of course, this is only a teaser – with E3 in June and the game most likely slated for a Holiday 2011 release, that’s a lot of time for opinions to change. With a community so broad and so divisive, here’s hoping Sega’s next play on nostalgia works out – because the last time they tried this, it ended up backfiring in their faces to a certain degree.