Kuta Speaks Out After Sonic Fan Film Cancellation

Kuta Speaks Out After Sonic Fan Film Cancellation

by April 11, 2011

“We ran into a lot of conflicts with it”

A few weeks after laying the project to rest, Richard Kuta reminisces on his on again, off again Sonic fan film project to the Destroy All Slackers podcast.

In the podcast, Kuta reveals he felt compelled to write and expand on the script via encouragement from a college instructor, while on pace to graduate with a bachelor’s in graphic design.  After graduation, Kuta says he called Sega of America about the script, and spoke to the licensing department.  After an alleged in-office visit with SOA and a one year wait, Kuta heard from Sega of Japan and embarked on what he calls a “scavenger hunt”–allegedly meeting and greeting with studio executives under the belief that were all the pieces in place, Sega would give his film the green light.

Kuta also explains that in the final stages of a pitch with Universal Pictures, Sega of Japan stopped just short, and claimed they were working on their own Sonic movie.  He also dives in deeper on his latest effort leading up to a much maligned short trailer of the film, adding the original 2009 trailer produced cost $4,000 to create.

If nothing else, with all the Internet rumors and hate surrounding Kuta, it is his story, in his own words.  To DAS’s credit, the questions and discussion were both tough and fair.  You can listen to the podcast in full at the link cited above.