OCRemix’s “The Sound of Speed” Released

OCRemix’s “The Sound of Speed” Released

by April 12, 2011

15 Artists’ Take on Original Sonic for Your Listening Pleasure

Today, OCRemix released its 25th complete album to the masses, The Sound of Speed, and it celebrates the original 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog with thirteen remixed tracks from the title.

The work is a collaboration if 15 composers, and here is how the creators describe it:

From rock to chiptune, bossa nova to jazz, FM-funk-fusion and thumping electronica, this album completely re-imagines the classic soundtrack. Each song is unique, but the over-arching theme is undeniable; The Sound of Speed is a chronicle of Sonic’s first adventure, flowing from one act to the next, in and out of the elusive Special Zone, down to his untimely aquatic asphyxiation. You’ll find something new with every listen.

You can download the album for free, in MP3 or Lossless format, at this link.