UPDATE: First In-Game Footage of Sonic Generations Surfaces

UPDATE: First In-Game Footage of Sonic Generations Surfaces

by April 18, 2011

Iizuka Namedrops Tails/Knux/Shadow for AppearancesWe have this just into us via Woun: The Spanish website Meristation has debuted the first in-game footage of Sonic Generations.  So far, only Green Hill Zone is showcased.

You can see the footage spliced in between a short interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka on the coming project.  Iizuka concedes there are fans who only enjoy Sonic in his classical, 2D side scrolling form, and those who only enjoy the hedgehog in his modern form.  Sonic Generations seeks to please both parties, and expose fans of one style to the other.

The footage itself is marvelous, and you’ll see both classic and modern renditions of Green Hill Zone, with the latter, 3D version receiving the remixed music.  There are also many new areas in both adaptations, including plenty of grinding for modern Sonic, and an area where the hedgehog races a giant Chopper.

UPDATE: A proper translation of the Iizuka interview has been made available at Sonic Wrecks, where we learn that several specific core members of the Sonic universe are slated to appear–non-playable, of course–including Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow.  That does not appear to be the final.  Iizuka says they will either be part of the story, or “even an important gameplay element.” The transcripts also clarifies that, according to Iizuka, Generations will be a single player game, lacking any multiplayer, cooperative, or competitive mode.

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