Report: Sonic Colors Writers a Part of Sonic Generations

Report: Sonic Colors Writers a Part of Sonic Generations

by April 18, 2011

Full Backstory Appears Certain

We have found what may be a small fly in the ointment with today’s Sonic Generations smorgasbord, particularly for the more purist classic Sonic fans.  In its preview, the Swedish website Gamereactor has affirmed two writers who helped pen the storyline to Sonic Colors, Ken Pontac and Warren Graff, are on board for this new title.

That by default confirms that we will see a proper backstory in Generations, though to what extent is not yet known.  That may upset a portion of Sonic fans looking for substance over style, but to be fair, the story elements in Colors were fairly limited, at least compared to other recent Sonic entries.  What there was, however, did appeal to all ages, with far more clever writing than many fans were used to up to that point.  But let’s not forget that Sega’s press release clearly states classic and modern Sonic “and his friends” will be in the game in some form, so this could swing either way depending on the extent

We will, of course, bring you a roundup of today’s previews from the reveal; that’s coming later today.