The Three Eras of Sonic Generations Revealed

The Three Eras of Sonic Generations Revealed

by April 18, 2011

Modern Stages Included, but “No Playable Friends”

You already knew Sonic Generations will cover three specific eras of Sonic’s 20 years in gaming.  As more previews come out, we are getting a better grip on what those eras represent.

Kotaku’s brief preview on the game, written by Stephen Totilo, outlines the eras as classic, Dreamcast, and modern.  Think Sonic Adventure era for Dreamcast, while modern could be a whole array of matters, good and bad…until you read Totilo’s assurance of “no playable friends” and “no special powers” in Sonic Generations. This, despite word of a storyline, and with it news at least some in the Sonic universe will appear.

Totilo’s preview also states in-game music, much like the game itself, will be remixes of what we already know and love. Regarding Classic Sonic, Totilo says it is likely classic Sonic will speed through some modern levels, and for the physics majors, classic Sonic has additional momentum and “he won’t always stop cold.”

We will do a preview roundup from today’s Sonic Generations reveal later on.