Another Sonic Generations Q&A

Another Sonic Generations Q&A

by April 26, 2011

And Another Round of Promises

“Reproduce the Genesis experience.”  “Momentum Based Gameplay.”  “Stop and go platforming.”  “Multiple levels of exploration.”

For many reading this, you’ve heard these promises before.  Arguably, very little of them were demonstrated in the multiple videos of Green Hill Zone released since last week.  And yet they are again what to expect in the coming Sonic Generations, at least according to the Sega representative who said as much.

It was Sega’s Patrick Riley who said as much in an interview with G4’s Morgan Webb.  The video was published this week, and Riley says it’s the first time they’re trying what’s quoted above since, in his words, “Genesis era Sonic.”  Yeeeeah.

You’re not going to see a lot of new gameplay footage below, but you will see something that may come as a relief to fans: Riley confirms that poll Sega did a while back inquiring about fans’ favorite levels did contribute to the overall discussion of what to include in-game.

Aside from that, these are the words from which accountability is born.  It gets a bit unnerving when words like these are said so early.  Proceed with optimism, certainly, albeit perhaps with some caution mixed in. And thanks to both RaveToTheGrave and ThE InFoRmEr for tipping us.