Report: Hub Worlds Coming to Sonic Generations?

Report: Hub Worlds Coming to Sonic Generations?

by April 27, 2011

Swedish Magazine May be Top of Slippery Slope

…Uh oh.

The latest issue of Swedish magazine Level, as transcribed by SSMB forumer Carbo, claims a tidbit coming for Sonic Generations that, for most would be insignificant, but for some would signal trouble not just for what it is, but what it means: hub worlds.

That did not come out of Takashi Iizuka’s mouth; he even admitted in the piece that “Sonic is not perfect.”   The tidbit comes from a screenshot annotation that accompanies the piece.  There is no scan but we assume it to be under the so-called interactive menu for Green Hill Zone, and translated, it says this:

The Adventure elements that have been around the later Sonic games haven’t disappeared completely. In between levels Sonic goes around in an open world looking for the next challenge.

When done right, hub worlds can add replay value and depth to a game.  But many fans, especially the veteran crowd, still have the bad taste from the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog and, to a lesser extent, Sonic Unleashed in their mouths.  Both, amid a myriad of other problems, included cumbersome hub world layouts.

We’re not saying this is bad, but if it’s means past mistakes haven’t been learned, it could be the sign of something bad.  Or, something may have been lost in translation.  To be clear, the full preview, which you can read at the link cited above, is glowing.  But if not, the little things matter to some fans.  Does this matter to you?  Tell us below.