UPDATE 2: Is this an early version of Sonic Riders?

UPDATE 2: Is this an early version of Sonic Riders?

by April 29, 2011

Is it official, or just impressive homebrew?

ASSEMbler games motto is that they “seek the long forgotten, the long lost, the broken, the hidden. We seek out what was forgotten and repair, compile, dump and recover so that it may shine again in the eyes of the world.” In practical terms, that means they dig up unreleased games and preserve them so the general public can see them. And today, ASSEMbler Games forum member ProtonX has dug up a curious find: An Xbox 1 Devkit with a game apparently named “Sonic Extreme”. But hold back thoughts of the Sega Saturn and fish-eye lenses, because this game bares little resemblance that platformer:

(Can’t see the video? Click here)

Immediately flags were raised that this might just be a homebrew effort made up by some passionate Sonic fan, but as ASSEMbler forumer arnoldlayne notes:

Looks a bit too polished for a homebrew effort (that possibly flew under the radar)

I’m no expert but that looks legit to me, the next step would be to preserve it before the hard drive dies!

It’s possible we’re looking at a very, very early pitch for what would eventually become Sonic Riders. All of the basics of Sonic Riders seem to be in place, though this “Sonic Extreme” game seems to share a great deal more in common with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater at this stage in development. ProtonX promises a second, improved video when he can get a friend to hold the camera steady.

Thanks to SegaLogo on the Sonic Retro forum for the heads up.

Update: ProtonX has released the second video, showing the Devkit Launcher with a number of other installed games, plus sound.

Update 2: ProtonX has uploaded a third video showing a 2 player battle mode.