More “Sonic Extreme” Concept Videos Released

More “Sonic Extreme” Concept Videos Released

by May 3, 2011

Deeper Looks Within–And what the Dev Will Do with it Next

Since Sonic Extreme was revealed to the world on Friday, there has been almost insatiable demand to see more from the XBOX concept widely seen as a spiritual predecessor to Sonic Riders.

So in the days since, leave it to discoverer ProtonX to fuel those appetites with more video from the tech demo.  The videos below demonstrate a full race, a battle mode, and a mission mode.  Shadow is featured in the battle arena.  Watch them below.

Related, you may have seen a comment from the original story from a woman identifying herself as “Gamegirl,” alleging Extreme may have more directly influenced Sonic Riders than most know.  TSSZ got in touch with the developers of Extreme, now known under the Heavy Water brand.  They explain that they continue to have a good working relationship with Sega, and that the company is working toward utilizing the engine shown here for an original title with original characters meant for PlayStation’s Home service in due course.