Sega Gives Vote of Confidence to Sony Amid Continued PSN Downtime

Sega Gives Vote of Confidence to Sony Amid Continued PSN Downtime

by May 12, 2011

“We See PSN…as a Big Part of Our Future”

First things first, reports indicated Thursday night at least some developers have regained access to that specific component of the Playstation Network.  How many had the ability and the extent of availability was not immediately clear, but it may open the door for at least partial public access at some point soon.

With that in mind, a Thursday CVG Article proclaimed both Sega expressing confidence in the continued success of both the beleaguered network and its parent, Sony.  The question came about when The Creative Assembly, currenly hard at work on a new Alien game, was asked if the current downtime was a problem to them.  Creative Assembly Creative Director Tim Horton said:

It hasn’t affected us at all to be honest.  I’m sure, commercially, from a Sega side they would have something to say about it but for us, no, it’s a blip.

That, in turn, prompted Sega West SVP of production Gary Dunn to clarify those remarks, fully supporting Sony in its time of crisis:

From a Sega perspective; we’re invested in online gaming, we see PSN, as we see Xbox Live, as a big part of our future. We wish the guys at Sony all the best in rectifying the issues they have and they have our full support.

Given how so many fans believe Sony was responsible for Sega’s demise as a console manufacturer, these bedfellows must feel even stranger to them, especially in the wake of increasingly eroding consumer confidence toward the PSN.