16 M&S 2012 Olympics Screenshots

16 M&S 2012 Olympics Screenshots

by May 16, 2011

Multiple Events Across Wii and 3DS Versions

A European press embargo was lifted today, leaving several media outlets–ONM and CVG among them–to release previews and media from the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The shots below, which are courtesy of CVG, stem from a double dose of previews from both the Wii and 3DS versions of the game.  They showcase an array of both Dream and more down to earth events, including Long Jump, Equestrian, Canoeing, Judo, Race Walk, and a ton more.  You’ll note a couple of the shots show off Sonic Adventure‘s Windy Valley stage.

So far, most previews indicate a preference of the dream events above all else.  We’ve also learned there will be no Wii MotionPlus support for the Wii edition.  And courtesy of the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK, we have an idea how each of the 20 characters will stack up on abilities:

Power Type
Wario, Knuckles, Bowser, Vector, Donkey Kong

All around
Luigi, Amy Rose, Mario, Blaze The Cat, Bowser Jr

Shadow The Hedgehog, Daisy, Sonic, Yoshi, Metal Sonic

Tails, Peach, Eggman, Waluigi, Silver The Hedgehog

That all in mind, check out the screenshots below.  Thanks to all who sent in the news, including SonicFanReviewer and Matriculated among others.  Be sure to send us a news tip if you have one by clicking Send News Tips at the top of every page.