UPDATED New Video: Updated Sonic Generations Playthrough

UPDATED New Video: Updated Sonic Generations Playthrough

by May 20, 2011

Think You’ve Seen All There is of Green Hill?  Think Again

It appears the engine to Sonic Generations has been tweaked, if new video from GameTrailers is any indication.

Converted to YouTube by Woun, the two part preview, below, is accompanied by the narration of Patrick Riley and his phrases many know and love…phrases like “momentum based platforming” and “speed as a reward.”

The thing is, this time Riley may be spot on.  The speed boost on Green Hill inclines appears to have been fixed, among other physics issues a few noticed when Generations gameplay was first revealed to the world.

On the modern side, we see more of the Modern Green Hill, a peek at Modern Sonic’s combo system, and in a moment of fitting irony, Sonic boosts off the course and to his death right as Riley explains how the cave area “shows an important part of the team’s design philosophy.”  The comedic timing couldn’t be better if they tried.

Watch the video below (Now UPDATED with working links.)  Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and Woun esepcially for the Youtube conversion (at least, while it lasted!)