Sega Sammy Removes Sonic Generations 3DS, PC Listings

Sega Sammy Removes Sonic Generations 3DS, PC Listings

by May 20, 2011

Was it an Error, or Was it Real?

As of today, that Sega Sammy earnings presentation we told you about earlier in the week no longer lists a Nintendo 3DS nor PC port pending for Sonic Generations.

Both English and Japanese versions of the report have been revised on the Sega Sammy website to reflect only the already announced XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 versions coming.

Though it remains possible the entries were made in error, both 3DS and PC editions appear to be a sure bet by this point, leaving most fans to believe someone at corporate let the cat out of the bag early.

We should know for sure about the fate of those two Generations ports at E3 in a couple weeks, and at subsequent conventions.  Perhaps you can ask for yourself at the Sonic Boom convention; we still have a few tickets ripe for the winning if you answer our trivia contest correctly.

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