First Revision of Sonic Classic Released

First Revision of Sonic Classic Released

by May 23, 2011

Creator Now Looking Ahead to Sonic 1 Edition, Sequel

After its initial release in March, followed by mounting bug reports, Sonic Classic creator Hez released the Sonic fan game’s first revision Sunday.

The update, available both with and without MP3 music, fixes among other things the persistent save game glitch many users experienced, along with some layout tweaks and elimination of the ring lag.

“REV02 will come out eventually as well so keep y’er bitchin up and I’ll fix away,” Hez said on Sonic Retro Sunday.

And that’s not all.  Hez is already planning a pure Sonic 1 edition of Classic for the Summer that will lock on to the existing build, and teased a proper sequel to the SFG:

Sonic Classic 2 is being worked on. This is probably the only two screenshots I will release for a few months. I will leave you with this information only for the time being.
-It is Sonic Only, but Knuckles and Tails abilities will be present in some form.
-Completely original music has been completed and almost finished for the project
-Mode 7 special stages
-Possible lock on to SC1

This is the ONLY information I will be releasing at this time. I’m fully loaded now with three projects to keep me busy for the summer.

In the meantime, you can download the latest editions of Classic at the above cited links.