ASR Arcade Now Shipping in North America

ASR Arcade Now Shipping in North America

by May 25, 2011

In Time for Summer, Suddenly the Arcades Have So Much More

As reported by SEGAbits, the arcade edition of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is now shipping.

This version will contain 12 characters racing across thirteen of the original game’s tracks, including three reserved specifically for ASR’s Grand Prix mode.  Other modes include a basic race, a multiplayer mode with linked cabinet capability, and a Time Trial mode, where players can race for the record.  The game’s multiplayer mode takes on a Winner Takes All dynamic, with winning tickets only going to a match’s winner.  Said winner will receive the basic payout multiplied by the number of active human players.  All that assumes an operator is offering rewards.

The bottom line: Expect these to trickle into local arcades soon, if they haven’t already.