Sonic Generations To Include Points / Redemption System?

Sonic Generations To Include Points / Redemption System?

by May 27, 2011

A New Video Preview Hints at Unlockable Goodies

Many of us have seen the Green Hill playthroughs from Sonic Generations dozens of times now.  Yet, the latest demo preview, this time from German website GameOne, still surprises.

There’s nothing in either classic or modern levels that’s different from before.  But take a look at the 7:52 mark, where time converts to score, and ultimately a grade.  We see a pop-up box that then converts the score to points.  Those points are seen next to a credit card like icon.

So, what do those points go toward?  Sega has afforded no hint as to Generations‘s other features beyond the revisited stages, and we could find no explanation in GameOne’s written preview, but a logical conclusion would dictate those points will unlock something.  Whether that means additional levels, missions, or extra historical content in the same vein as Sonic Jam‘s Sonic World remains to be seen.  But clearly, Sega has something up its sleeve.

When we know something about it, you will too.  Thank to Woun for the YouTube conversion.