On Sale Soon: The Portable Dreamcast

On Sale Soon: The Portable Dreamcast

by May 31, 2011

Now, It’s Thinking Wherever You Are

What NGP?

Going on sale next month at Japanese retailer PachimonTV is a customized, handmade portable Dreamcast system.  Not officially endorsed by Sega, it will take some 20 days from the time of the order for the actual system to ship, but once it’s in your hands, you’ll be able to enjoy titles from Sega’s last and best system.

The price is high at ¥38,000, or over $467 in US money.  We’ve seen original DC units sell for higher prices than that, however, so if you have the money and don’t mind the style, the first portable DCs will start shipping early next month.  You can go here to reserve your copy.