Sonic Generations Playable at Summer of Sonic

Sonic Generations Playable at Summer of Sonic

by May 31, 2011

“Several Gaming Pods” Ready for Play at Gathering

It was all but a given, seeing as attendees of Sonic Boom will enjoy the same privilege, but it was made official today by Summer of Sonic co-organizer Svend Joscelyne: Sonic Generations will be playable at next month’s Summer of Sonic convention in London.

“There will be several gaming pods on the Summer of Sonic show floor with demonstration copies of Sonic Generations installed,” Joscelyne said.  “Make sure you take the time to come down and enjoy the first few levels of the game in public before anyone else in Europe!”

That is the first of what’s expected to be several more exciting announcements for attendees in the coming weeks, leading up to the big show on June 25th.  We will bring you those developments as they are announced, and we have a special correspondent traveling to the big event, so don’t fret if you’re not going–coverage of all the day’s events will be right here.