Sonic Generations’s Name Changes in Japan

Sonic Generations’s Name Changes in Japan

by June 1, 2011

Which Edition is Looking For Some “Adventure?”

We see a lot of hope here for Sega to continue the Sonic Adventure series formally, and in Japan at least, those pleas are being respected, if only half-heartedly.  Sonic Unleashed was known as Sonic World Adventure in Japan, and it appears that division will continue the tradition of sorts with the 3DS edition of Sonic Generations in that country only.

Andriasang cites the latest Famitsu publication, which is reporting name alterations for both console and portable editions in Japan.  The XBOX 360 and PS3 editions will carry the subheader of Shiro no Jikuu–translated into White Time and Space in English.  Meanwhile, the 3DS edition is titled Sonic Generations: Ao no Bouken.  Translated, that subtitle is read as Blue Adventure.

To be clear, this will only apply to editions released in Japan.  Sonic Generations will be known as just that domestically.  But take comfort, Adventure lovers: Sega hasn’t completely left you behind.