Rumor Alert: More New Sonic Generations Stages?

Rumor Alert: More New Sonic Generations Stages?

by June 7, 2011

An accidental hint, or just mood music?

It would appear that like many other publishers, Sega held a little get-together for the press before E3 opened where they could get a crack at trying a few of their games before the show floor opened. One such participant was video-centric gaming site, who shot an interview with Sega’s Patrick Riley while the Sonic Generations demo looped in the background. The interview isn’t important – by now we’ve seen Patrick do his thing, tell us about the game, so on and so forth.

What’s interesting is that if you pay attention to the audio, you can very clearly hear music for a number of other classic Sonic stages being played off screen: Starlight Zone, Casino Night Zone, and Chemical Plant Zone. Are these coming from an unseen demo unit? Casino Night Zone was confirmed to be exclusive to the 3DS – does that mean Starlight and Chemical Plant will be joining it?

Or are we just hearing music being piped in to the booth to get the press in to a nostalgic mood? It’s worth mentioning that during a video we posted yesterday, most likely recorded at the same Pre-E3 event, no background music can be heard anywhere at all, leaving this Machinima video as something of an anomaly currently.

For now, all we can do is wait and see – though I’m personally leaning towards “mood music”.