E3: Sega Dodges Sonic Generations Wii U Inquiry

E3: Sega Dodges Sonic Generations Wii U Inquiry

by June 8, 2011

It Took a Meeting of the Minds to Decline Comment

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling has discussed what may be one of the more intriguing elements of Sega’s Sonic Generations demonstration yesterday: A fairly dubious no comment-like statement when prompted about a possible Wii U version.

As Sterling explains:

I wanted to know if Sonic Team had discussed putting the game on Wii U, since the Wii’s lack of HD was SEGA’s stated reason for ignoring it.[….]

There was a rather lengthy conversation in Japanese, before the translator said, “We’re only talking about the PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS versions today.”

There wasn’t really a remark on the existence of a Wii U port, but the response almost certainly indicates where will be more versions to come of Sonic Generations.  While a Wii U port wouldn’t be out of the question, keep in mind such a version couldn’t launch until the system itself launches, and that’s not expected until sometime in 2012.  Indeed, there may be something to watch on two fronts here, but we’re likely several weeks, if not a couple months away from any development on either end.