POST-DEMO UPDATE: Source Confirms Near-Final Sonic Generations Level List

POST-DEMO UPDATE: Source Confirms Near-Final Sonic Generations Level List

by June 8, 2011

It May Not be What, but How that Interests You

June 24th Update: You may have read on our site yesterday news of several materials from the Sonic Generations demo leaking.  Among those materials was a level list considered to be final…and, with the exception of Casino Park/Bingo Highway being scratched, otherwise completely confirmed the accuracy of our source’s information.  However, in accordance with our Sensitive Materials Policy, that story from June 23rd has been removed.  We have, however, elected to keep this original article online.  Remember: We confirmed it here first.


If you read our site carefully, you may have come across a rather strange comment on one of our stories yesterday from a person only identified as XX claimed to be a tad disappointed upon hearing yesterday’s reveals of both City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 and Spagonia from Sonic Unleashed into Sonic Generations…because he also claimed to know what else is in store, and those reveals matched with a list of stages planned for the finished console version of the game.

For reference, here are the stages X claimed to know about, with already confirmed stages cited by an asterisk:

Sonic 1 – Green Hill *
Sonic 2 – Chemical Plant
Sonic 3 and Knuckles –  Sky Sanctuary
Sonic Adventure – Speed Highway
Sonic Adventure 2 –  City Escape *
Sonic Heroes – Seaside Hill OR Casino Park / Bingo Highway
Sonic 2006 – Crisis City
Sonic Unleashed – Spagonia / Rooftop Run Day *
Sonic Colors – Planet Wisp

Some of you may have seen this list, and even commented on the remark.  Many have noted the list has popped up elsewhere, with the community attempting to reason its invalidity.  But we were able to check up on X, and we matched the mysterious identity with an actual source, who agreed to tell us more details on condition of anonymity.  After TSSZ spoke with the source, we are comfortable treating the above list as a confirmed, near final list of stages planned for the base XBOX 360 / PS3 edition of Sonic Generations.

The list, by default, affirms other elements of the game.  Among them is the treatment of Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles as a single title.  And by process of elimination, other games like Sonic CD and Shadow the Hedgehog appear out of the running.  Chemical Plant could technically be considered a water stage with its Mega Mack acting similarly to water, but it would be the only such stage in Generations.  The lack of a proper labyrinth, lava, and ice stage is also notable in the above list, but it doesn’t mean some or all won’t pop up in the 3DS edition.

You will also notice uncertainty on what the Sonic Heroes stage will be.  According to our source, who received the information ” a few weeks back,” that decision was not final, with Seaside Hill and some form of Casino Park and/or Bingo Highway in the running.  Given that Casino Night will already be represented in the 3DS version of Generations, making that call may not be as simple as it would appear.

How do we know all this?  Our sourced allegedly received a rundown of what to expect in connection to ongoing development of the Archie Comics adaptation to Sonic Generations, which will be out later this year to coincide with the game’s release.  Sega disclosed the full list of zones as well as the full storyline to Generations in preparation for that adaptation.  Our source could not disclose more complete story details as they were received second-hand, only that the adaptation was not finalized at the time.  If nothing else, it appears the comic counterpart will follow the console version the closest.

What our source did re-affirm, however, were additional missions inside Generations beyond the base acts.  Many of you may have seen those rings in the interactive Green Hill menu, not unlike what was seen in Sonic Colors.  Our source says as missions are completed, those rings will turn gold.  Whether those missions are in the form of acts or some other mode remains to be seen.

That is what our source knows, and it is now what you know.  Again, given who the source is, we feel comfortable treating this as mostly confirmed and not as rumor, with the caveat of that one detail regarding Sonic Heroes.  We also want to again note this is for the XBOX 360 and PS3 editions, not taking into account the 3DS version at all, and not taking into account any hopes for DLC.  We will certainly follow up on this when our special correspondent attends Sonic Boom later this evening, where we suspect a lot of people will now have a lot of questions.