E3: Gamespot Sonic Generations Demo in HD

E3: Gamespot Sonic Generations Demo in HD

by June 9, 2011

Escape from the City in 720p

A lot has happened in 8-ish hours, so if you missed the previous coverage of Gamespot’s Sonic Generations demo, we have a treat for you.

Courtesy of Woun who ripped and tipped us, that video demo is now below, and it’s available if you so wish in 720p high definition.  That means we aside from the trailer, we have our most complete, clearest view of City Escape in motion yet, without smudges, jaggies or any or that.  It is Omochao, and the homicidal GUN truck of death as you truly want to see it.

That’s below.  Thanks to Woun again for his assistance.  And don’t forget, if stills are your thing, we have plenty of City Escape screenshots to share.