UPDATE: Studio Release of Crush 40 “Sonic Boom” Cover?  Maybe Not

UPDATE: Studio Release of Crush 40 “Sonic Boom” Cover? Maybe Not

by June 9, 2011

Senoue Flatly Denies Remark on Twitter

Among the songs Crush 40 performed last night at Sonic Boom was a cover of Sonic Boom, the image theme for Sonic CD in the United States.  It was a premier of sorts for the crowd in Los Angeles, but lucky for the rest of us, we’ll be able to hear a proper copy of it soon.

“There will be a Crush 40 release of ‘Sonic Boom,” said JunSenoue.com maintainer SoA this morning on the website’s forums.

UPDATE: Or so we thought.  Late tonight through the Crush 40 Twitter feed, who we believe to be Jun Senoue himself flatly denied, in English, our earlier story, saying it exclusively for the show.

“Not true,” said the statement.  “I prepared the song with lots of help from Alex and Johnny for the event exclusively, Period.”

That remark contradicts what JunSenoue.com’s own maintainer–himself in close contact with Senoue and Crush 40–proclaimed earlier.

So, we’ll let them sort it out, and we hope to learn more one way or the other in the coming weeks, including potentially at Crush 40’s Tokyo concert at the end of July.  Our Japan based correspondent Danny Russell will be at the show to bring you coverage.